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HTML design principles?

Yes, design principles for HTML5 do exist. At least as a W3C Working Draft. As this working draft tells, the plan was to publish them as W3C Working Group Note. Well this obviously didn’t happen up to now. Never the less reading the “HTML Design Principles” helps to understand much better why HTML5 is like it is. [read more]

In Brief

  • Berlin Slides of 5th HTML5 day are available here. Loggin is required.
  • Slides of ” HTML5 Critiques’ Corner ” from W3C-Day Berlin 2012 are available.
  • A HTML5 (& CSS3) con-formant browser is absolutely required! No attempt is made to comfort old browsers. [whatever this means over time. E.g. we recently started to use CSS3 flex boxes.]
  • After some teaching of HTML5 and its environment I discovered that sometimes things become hard to explain. Not because they are complex by nature but … read more about this blog!
  • … how would a car look like that is designed like HTML5? See the HTML5 car!

Surprising developers

The following paragraph is special. You may edit it. And with some luck – meaning localStorage working and enabled – you will find your edits again when you return next time. To be true: it has to be using the same browser on the same computer with the same userid. [read, play and quiz]

What did I wrong?

From the beginning the specification of HTML5 was an ambitious undertaking. HTML5 should become everything for everybody. For the conservative Web developer it should provide all the things he knew before – in the same way they where provided before. Not only those things that were part of previous standards. No, even many crazy features of popular older browsers (IE6 just to mention one) became also part of the wonderful new HTML5. But at the same time HTML should be a modern language and support accessibility, semantic mark-up and more. [read more]

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