HTML5 car

The HTML5 car explained

After some thinking about it I asked myself, would I want to fly with a plane that is designed like HTML5? Or how would a car look like that is designed like HTML5?. This is what I found appropriate:

The HTML car consists of 2 parts: a Formula 1 racing car nose and a Ford T tail symbolizing the mix of advanced features and APIs and the often somewhat  odd constructs inherited from previous HTML versions and browsers. Stickers visualize examples for both as there are e.g.: 	CSS3, Javascript, SVG, canvas and video elements, access to the engine via an RJ45 (Web) socket, IE6 and older HTML versions as part of heritage, WHATWG sticker on the on the drive axle, and W3C tires on the rim. Web workers are represented by a bike on the backseat.

Obviously this car cannot comprise all the beauty of HTML5. But at least it holds:

  • the developers infrastructure with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript in the nose,
  • graffiti capabilities with SVG, canvas and video elements,
  • access to the remote engine via Web sockets,
  • all the heritage from IE6 and older HTML versions in the rear,
  • Web Workers that can run independently,
  • WHATWG providing the power on the drive axle,
  • W3C tires on the rim.

🙁 🙁 Sad enough you find XML hit rock bottom, knocked over by the front wheels. 🙁 🙁


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