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Who’s leading?

In this post we will investigate a bit on who has the say with HTML5. We will start with another demo called the towers of Hanoi – often implemented in wood or plastics as a child’s game. This game was also used by our computer science teachers to introduce the principles of recursion. We will use it to introduce HTML5 drag and drop. (In the end it could also serve as a demo for CSS3 because it accomplishes quite some graphical tasks just by using some simple CSS3). Try it: [read and play]

Web Workers limitations

There is a trend of installing multiprocessors in computers and mobile devices. Following this trend it is reasonable to provide a means to use multiprocessing capabilities in Web applications. Especially games would be on target. I wondered about a plausible, simple example of Web Workers for teaching purposes. [read and play]

Surprising developers

The following paragraph is special. You may edit it. And with some luck – meaning localStorage working and enabled – you will find your edits again when you return next time. To be true: it has to be using the same browser on the same computer with the same userid. [read, play and quiz]

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