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About “The Brave New World of HTML5”

Please fill the usual praise and anthems on HTML5 here:.
HTML5 will try to store your input locally using localStorage and it should be displayed again at your next visit. Of course localStorage should be enabled for this to work.

Or fill your praise into the comments (makes them public and more persistent). Yes you are right. HTML5 is great, it let’s you do things that you could never do before. If this was not the case it wouldn’t be worth a word of criticism. WHATWG and W3C take a lot of effort to specify it and browser vendors – mostly – try to get it implemented quickly.

But since it is so great, it deserves a closer look.

After some teaching of HTML5 and its environment I discovered that some times some things become hard to explain. Not because they are complex by nature. Rather because they are carelessly and poorly designed. So they provide strange surprises for developers.

One might assume, that writing to the WHATWG or W3C mailing lists would be a way to get these issues fixed. But for a number of reasons this won’t work. What many would clearly identify as a bug is a feature in their eyes. It works as designed.

This blog – provided by ict-Media GmbH – will collect some of the oddities and publish them once and a while. It will also investigate on reasons.

I will try not to be too serious and boring. I’ll make a little cartoon once and a while (with my limited talent) – for example the meanwhile rather popular HTML5 car. I’ll provide examples to play with. This said – I will be mercy-less in using HTML5 technology within this blog. So make sure you have a HTML5 capable modern browser.

Learn and have fun,
Klaus Birkenbihl


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