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What did I wrong?

From the beginning the specification of HTML5 was an ambitious undertaking. HTML5 should become everything for everybody. For the conservative Web developer it should provide all the things he knew before – in the same way they where provided before. Not only those things that were part of previous standards. No, even many crazy features of popular older browsers (IE6 just to mention one) became also part of the wonderful new HTML5. But at the same time HTML should be a modern language and support accessibility, semantic mark-up and more.

In terms of functionality it should serve as a multi device platform – say provide APIs to access hardware features, run on desktops, laptops, TVs, smart phones. This platform aims to be the basis for a device independent applications. Especially it should provide good support of mobility – and substitute Flash anyhow.

Of cause this all should be provided with an excellent and secure design. Hm, would be great if it worked. But even those in charge to write the specification knew from the beginning that this cannot be the case. But still the world is full of enthusiasm and hype. On the other hand developers often end-up in dead-end streets, spend days to find errors, engage tons of tools and polyfills, fill-up forums with their questions. Usually the questions end with “What did I wrong?“. This blog will rather investigate on the question: “Why was I wrong?“.

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