<input size=59 id=Name name=Name placeholder="Please let us know your name" required />

<input id=Title name=Title  list=Titlelist placeholder="Your title please" required />
<datalist id=Titlelist>
    <option value="Mr.">Mr.</option>
    <option value="Mrs.">Mrs.</option>
    <option value="Prof.">Prof.</option>
    <option value="Dr.">Dr.</option>

<input id=WebSite name=WebSite type=url placeholder="If you have a Web Site ..." />

<input id=EMail name=EMail type=email required placeholder="You E-Mail address"/>

<input id=Phone name=Phone type=tel pattern="^\s*(\+\d+[\s\-/]?)?(\(\d+\)[\s\-/]?)?(\d+[\s\-/]?)*\d+\s*$" required placeholder= "Your phonenumber please, only numbers and '+-/'" />

<input id=idno name=idno type=number min=1 max=1000 required />

<input id=start name=start type=date min="2000-01-01" required

<input id=score name=score type=range min=1 max=10 step=2 value=1 />

<input id=colour name=colour type=color />